Request Your Ballot to Vote by Mail

If you would like to receive a ballot in the mail so that you can vote from home in the June 22 Democratic Primary election, all voters registered as Democrats in New York City are eligible to request that an absentee ballot be mailed to them ahead of the election. You must apply online, postmark, or deliver a completed absentee application no later June 7, 2021.

You can request an absentee ballot TODAY in one of two ways:

Please review the following frequently asked questions about voting by mail:

When must I return my absentee ballot for it to count in the election?

Completed absentee ballots must be postmarked no later than June 22 to be counted in the election. You can also return your absentee ballot in person at any poll site or Board of Elections office by 9:00pm on June 22.

Can I still vote in person even if I requested an absentee ballot?

You may still vote in person at the polls even if you completed and returned an absentee ballot. Please inform the election officials at your polling location that you’d like to cancel your absentee ballot and vote in person.

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