Only 3% of New Yorkers chose the current mayor.

New York City is in crisis. Over 500,000 New Yorkers are now out of work, 31,000 New Yorkers have died from COVID-19, and the City is projecting it will be $3.8 BILLION short of the money it needs to pay teachers, police, firefighters, healthcare workers, and fund critical government services in 2022.

New Yorkers have a historic opportunity on June 22 to vote to choose new Borough Presidents, a majority of the members of City Council, and most important a new Mayor of New York City. Most New Yorkers do not realize that the election almost certain to choose the next Mayor is not the November 2021 General Election, but the June 2021 Democratic Primary.

Why? Almost 70% of NYC voters are registered Democrats, meaning that whoever wins the Democratic primary will almost certainly become the city’s next mayor.

In 2013, about 3% of New Yorkers voted in the Democratic primary and chose New York City’s mayor for the next 8 years. After 8 years of failed leadership and the worst public health crisis in a century, whoever becomes the next mayor will determine whether or not New York City can get back on track. We cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to make our voices heard by voting on June 22.

Make Your Voice Heard on June 22

Here’s what you need to know to vote on June 22 for New York City’s future:

Vote by mail from home

If you’re not physically able to vote in person this year or are concerned about voting in person due to the pandemic, you can request an absentee ballot to be delivered to your home so that you can vote by mail for the upcoming June 22nd primary election. You must submit an application – either online, by mail, or in person at your local Board of Elections office – to request your absentee ballot no later by June 7 to be able to vote by mail.
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New York City now uses ranked-choice voting

June 22 will be the first primary election in New York City to use a new system called ranked-choice voting. This new system allows voters to rank up to five candidates for each office on your ballot in order of preference, instead of casting a vote for just one candidate. It’s important to review how to fill out your ballot successfully under this new system as your ballot will look different this year. Learn how to complete your ballot with ranked-choice voting

Have questions and need help?

Please review our list of frequently asked questions by NYC voters about the upcoming primary election on June 22 and how to participate. If you can’t find your answer to your question, you can submit a question directly to Be Counted and a member of our team will be able to respond to you shortly. Click below to read the FAQs and contact us.

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